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Tim Ellis works to ensure that your drainage system is fully repaired and unblocked whenever necessary.Tim covers drain relining, CCTV surveys, reports for home buyers and can get drains unblocked in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.









Drains Unblocked in Dorset, Hampshire and wiltshire

After calling Tim about your blocked drain, Tim will come to unblock it as quickly as possible.

First he will find out exactly what is causing the blockage and where the issue is located. He often uses CCTV cameras to look inside the system and see exactly what is going on. Then using rods and high pressue jets, Tim will clear the drain so that is completely free from all debris.

He will test the system again to make sure all water is flowing smoothly and as it should be, and you will be left once again with a clear and free-flowing drain.

After unblocking the drain, Tim can recommend any remedial work if it is necessary. It is up to you whether to have this done, and if you are happy, Tim can re-line or repair the drain so it will stand the test of time and remain sturdy and free-flowing for as long as possible

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spotting the signs of a blocked drain

A blocked drain is caused by an obstruction in your pipes. This can be from compacted sewage or silt, a build-up of fat and oil,  or even by flushing household and sanitary items that become lodged in the piping.

The 3 main indicators of a blocked drain are:

  • Smell: A foul smell coming from your sink or toilet is a sign that waste is lodged in the pipe.
  • Noises: Gurgling noises coming from your plughole.
  • Slow Drainage: If the water is draining slowly or not draining at from your sink or you toilet you risk an overflow or filthy water.







  Drain Relining 

Drain relining involves using a proflex liner for air and water tight application. This is inflated into the drain so that it sticks to the interior walls of the drain. The proflex liner hardens to form a water and air tight layer that protects your drain from any outside forces, blockages or leaks.

Drain relining means that you have a fully repaired drainpipe that is one continuous section, immune to further damage to the exterior of the pipe, guaranteed by Tim for 15 years and likely to last much longer.

Drain relining is done wherever possible to save the disruption of having to dig down and repair sections of the drain individually.








Drain Repair

If drain re-lining is not possible, Tim and his small team of trusted workers can dig down to where the damaged section of pipe is located, and make manual repairs.

Piping can be repaired, replaced, fixed with new joints and back-filled again so that it is completely secure, safe and efficient for use.

High Quality Materials

 If the job requires excavation, Tim works with a professional team to dig to and repair or replace the broken pipework.

Tim only uses British Standard PVC piping from suppliers such as Jewson or Travis Perkins, to ensure that the piping is always of high quality and of British Standard.






CCTV Survey

Using cameras, Tim is able to look within the drainage system and identify any blockages or damaged areas that need attention. You are able to view all of this information too, and even take photographic evidence for your own records.

From here Tim can assess and advise you in the best course of action to take, and if you are happy, he can make the recommended repairs.

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CCTV Drain surveys in Dorset








 Home Buyer Survey

When buying a new home, it is often recommended to obtain a drain report to ensure that all of the drainage system is in good condition and running smoothly. Surveyors often require this report beforehand if they are to cover you for any drainage damage.

Tim can visit your site, run the necessary checks on all the drainage systems to ensure everything is running smoothly, and then run cameras through the entire system to ensure there are no cracks, blockages or damaged points. He records this CCTV footage and gives you a copy for your records.

Tim also gives you a verbal report of what condition the drainage system is in, and then sends you a written report via email.

If repairs are required, Tim can give you an estimate for the work that needs doing, which you are then free to have done or discuss with the property sellers.









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 Drains unblocked, drains repaired in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire



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